Denmark – A telehealth nation

Like many other countries, Denmark has an ageing population and a growing number of chronic patients. More and more people are in need of healthcare, which places an increasing strain on public finances. Telehealth solutions may help the healthcare system to meet this challenge in a way that also improves the quality of care. Telehealth

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The Patient Centred Medical Home’s Impact on Cost & Quality

The PCMH is an innovation in care delivery designed to advance and achieve the Triple Aim of improved patient experience, improved population health, and reduced cost of care.1 Simply put, a medical home provides enhanced primary care services of value to patients, their families, and the care teams who work with them. The evolving model

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The Impact of Primary Care Practice Transformation on Cost, Quality & Utilization

In the decade since the “Joint Principles of the Patient-Centered Medical Home”2 were published, it has become widely accepted that primary care practice transformation and delivery are essential to achieving the nation’s Quadruple Aim – improving patient and provider experience and the health of the population while decreasing cost. Over that same time span, evidence

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Primary Care: A Framework for the Future

The inaugural ‘Primary Care Partnership’ conference was divided into plenary sessions where global leaders in health shared their experiences and expertise. Participants in the conference – comprising health and social care professionals from across primary care – were tasked with examininga range of areas. The areas covered were as follows: • How primary care teams can better

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Case Study: Primary Care Delivery in France

According to the WHO’s 2008 health report for France, the country doctor has been an integral part of French rural life since the time of King Louis XIV (1638-1715), attending to the basic health needs of villagers. The WHO has identified several developments, however, that threaten to erode the role of the country doctor in

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Case Study: Primary Care Delivery in Denmark

Like other Scandinavian countries, Denmark’s 5.7 million inhabitants enjoy the benefits of a strong welfare state with universal access to healthcare. Therefore general practice is embedded in a universal tax-funded healthcare system in which GP and hospital services are free at the point of use. Patient copayments make up approximately 17 per cent of total

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Defining Primary Care in the 21st Century – Primary Care Partnership Ireland

Report from the Primary Care Partnership Conference, Ireland – March 2017 Introduction The Primary Care Partnership conference in March and April brought together health and social care professionals from Ireland and across the world to discuss the future of primary care. Supported by a multitude of primary care organisations and associations the conference, through a

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NAPC UK: Providing Accountable Care

Report on comparing the delivery of Primary Care in the UK and USA through accountable care systems and organisations. The new care model known as the Primary Care Home (PCH), launched in April 2016, has rapidly evolved and spread throughout England to now cover a total population of approximately 8 million people. This means that

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